Keepsake Welding Research and Skill Development Centre

“A Global institution for developing and enhancing knowledge of individuals and organizations with emphasis on training, research, safety, and skill upgradation. Our field of focus would be specific to welding both manually and automated.
The goal is to fulfil the industrial requirements of a skilled individual starting from the workforce to the managerial level. We would also be engaging in guiding the industry in defining and developing the process as per their requirements. In-house research projects in combination with students and industry would be carried out in parallel.”


A high-tech training centre “GTU-Keepsake Welding Research And Skill Development Centre – Centre Of Excellence Welding” in the field of welding has been set up jointly by Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Private Limited (Keepsake – Industry Partner), Centre for Entrepreneurship Development(CED), Gujarat Technological University(GTU) at LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad under the Skill Development Programme Of Government of Gujarat with an aim to upgrade the skill of students and industry persons and to make them employable.


  • • The centre is equipped with the latest communication aids, an air-conditioned lecture hall and a workshop with modern facilities for classroom &actual hands-on training in Welding & Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • • The Centre has Manual, Semiautomatic, and Automatic Welding equipment including Six-axis articulated arm robot to operate a Plasma transferred arc pulsed 350-amp power source, High-velocity oxy-fuel systems, Arc spray systems, and flame spray guns. The Centre has manipulators for down hand welding capability.
  • • The Centre has purchased an “Augmented Welding Simulator” from the USA by which participants can have a feel of virtual welding practice.
  • • Welding Equipment for on-hand training (SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, PAW):
    • • 2-Axis Rotator
    • • Lorch V50 DC
    • • Lorch MicorMIG 350
    • • Lorch MicorMIG 400
    • • Lorch S5RoboMIG XT
    • • Lorch HWT 220DC ControlPro
    • • Fronius
    • • Kuka Robot (6 & 9 Axis)
    • • Welding Simulator (Virtual Welding)


  • • The best international course packages have been adopted to ensure high standards of education and training so that qualifying candidates can seek the best opportunities not only in the country but even abroad.
  • • Several specific courses are offered targeting personnel at various levels: students, welders, technicians, supervisors, inspectors, engineers and managers. While every course fulfils the broad need to enhance productivity and provide updates in Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Testing.
  • • While skills enhancement is the focus of our course for welders, students, engineers and supervisors to gain hands-on-insight into the latest developments in welding and NDT.

Other information:

  • • Course duration: One week/two weeks/as per course requirement.
  • • Study Material is provided in soft copy.
  • • Online test is conducted for self-assessment.
  • • Online feedback is obtained for further improvement.
  • • Specially designed courses to suit trainee’s requirement Eg. Partial classroom training at centre and partial hands-on training at the factory /workplace of the trainee are also designed.