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Exam Honorarium UGC Circular SBI payment instruction  
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  New UFM Case format w.e.f from May-2011 GTU Examination (Revised)
  Rules of Reassessment w.e.f Winter 2012 Examinations
  External Examiner Feedback Form For All Courses (BE / Bpharm / ME/ Mpharm/ MCA/ MBA/PDDC/Diploma)
  Diploma Engineering IDP Feedback Form for Examiner   Feedback Form
Notification No. 28/2013 Regarding Submission of Migration Certificate to the Institutes.
  Backlogs for Detention                                                  List of Holidays-2014
  Circular for Transcript Penalty for Examiners  |  Undertaking Letter
  GTU Contacts for Various Activities         GTU Help Line Numbers  
  Notification No: 1/2012 Regarding Academic reforms & Structure for Award Degree
  IMP Circular : CCTV Surveillance System to be implemented before summer 2014 Exam in all institute affiliated with the University
  Procedure for GTU Student Academic document Verification
  વિદ્યાર્થીઓ તથા વાલીઓને ઓરીજીનલ સર્ટીફીકેટ બાબત
  Question Paper Format
  Bridge course for the students of Diploma Engineering under C2D category
Revised Circular on bridge course for C2D students
Annexure I      Annexure II


22-08-14  Calling All PG Students and Faculties for GTU – CGS & CITWM Seminar on “S M A R T C I T I E S - Q u o V a d i s ?
22-08-14  A Call to Students and Faculty Members of Colleges, associated with GTU: Participate in the 2015 Energy Globe Award for outstanding and sustainable projects in the area of environment and energy and win cash prize of 10,000 euros; Please see the details of the contest
22-08-14  For attention of the Final Year BE students, Faculty members and HODs: The Process for Approval of the Project Definition for BE students_ 2014-15
22-08-14  Revised Circular for the Youth Festival XITIJ 2014
Annexure I - Program of Youth Festival 2014-15
Annexure II - Summary Form of the institute
Annexure III - Detail Entry Form
Annexure IV - Participation in Six Events
Annexure V - AIU Rules
Circular of Add Making Competition
22-08-14  Visit of Vice Dean of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China at GTU on 13th August 2014.
21-08-14  Circular for M. Pharm (Sem 4) Extended Phase Exam (August-2014)  Annexure-1, Annexure-2   and  Annexure-3
21-08-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 23rd-24th August 2014
21-08-14  Circular for Guideline, Formats & Time Table for SIP (2830005),Viva of IEP Students summer, 2014  Practical Exam Time Table    Guidelines
20-08-14  Report on 2nd Afro - Asian Conclave organized by Centre for Global Business Studies (CGBS), GTU
20-08-14  A Cordial Invitation to contribute in finalizing the modified balanced question paper for BE    Registration Form
19-08-14  Rural Infrastructure Development Projects under MGNREGA Implementation Meeting.
19-08-14  A Cordial Invitation to the Directors/Principals , Deans and Heads of Departments to the FOURTH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE SUMMIT on 6th September, 2014.
19-08-14  Resolution with reference to the equivalency of Semester V Diploma Engineering subjects of new curriculum
16-08-14  Submission of names of faculty member and journal for M.E. Aug 2014
16-08-14  To observe Public Holidays as per General Administrative Department, Government of Gujarat’s Notification.
16-08-14  Report of the 7th Seminar on " Designing the Structure of Technological University (DSTU)" on 19th July 2014 at GTU, Chandkheda Campus.
16-08-14  A Call to Students and Faculty Members of Engineering Colleges: BE/ME/PhD students can participate in the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge- India Design Contest; Please register IMMEDIATELY online
16-08-14  Students, alumni or Faculty Members, interested in Mobile Applications, are invited to apply for a 2-day Bootcamp on innovations in Mobile Applications; Please register online
16-08-14  For Students, start-ups, social entrepreneurs and Faculty Members: Apply for the 2-day Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp of 23th & 24th August 2014; Register online
14-08-14  GTU organizes Two days National Level Competition on patents namely PATENTRACK -2014 on 5th and 6th September. Students and faculties, from any technical institutes of the country, who have filed their Patent can participate in this competition. Registration link is given in attached circular. Last date of registration is 31.08.2014
14-08-14  Extension of Team and Project Registration Phase of PSAR for BE (Sem 7) students
14-08-14  Kotler’s Incubator Program for Pharmacy (2014-2015)
14-08-14  Revised Circular for BE Equivalency (Sem III)
14-08-14  'Workshop for Faculties of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering on Systematic Approach of Involving Design in Curriculum.
14-08-14  Seminar on 'Sustainable Development : Innovations in Energy Sector'   Brochure
14-08-14  REPORT: GTU Colleges organized, during 2013-14, exhibition of posters of Final Year projects; industry leaders were invited to the exhibition, strengthening the contacts between engineering colleges and industries
14-08-14  Calling students and faculty members, closely working with final year projects or working with college level innovation activities: register online for a workshop on Design Thinking through Ideation & Product Development Canvas
13-08-14  Invitation for the seminar on Global Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma at GTU Chandkheda, Ahmedabad on 23rd August, 2014  
13-08-14  Rural Infrastructure projects under MGNREGA
13-08-14  Revised Norms for Guiding ME Students for Dissertation
13-08-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 16th August 2014
13-08-14  UFM Notification No. : 12/2014
13-08-14  A Call to Students and Faculty Members of Colleges, associated with GTU: Participate in the Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award 2014 and win cash prize of INR 1 Lac ; Please read the rules of the contest
13-08-14  Instructions for Online Submission of Faculty Details
12-08-14  For all MBA Institute: Invitation for Seminar on – Lessons from the joint projects with DHBW, Germany on “Cooperation Management among Businesses” and 8th FDP on New Electives and Specializations in MBA program on 18th August 2014.
12-08-14  A Call to Students and Faculty Members of Colleges, associated with GTU: Participate in the INTERNET for ALL Challenge; Please read the rules of the contest”; Two Winners at India level will win cash prize and an all expense paid trip to Oslo, Norway to attend the Telenor Youth Summit
11-08-14  Webinars on August 12- 13, 2014
11-08-14  Oracle fee waiver scheme for GTU affiliated Degree/Diploma Engineering Colleges
11-08-14  GCSR Handbook applicable from academic year 2014-15
11-08-14  Willingness to participate in Rural Infrastructure Development Project under MGNREGA
11-08-14  Guidelines for Strict implementation of reservation policy of Government in Universities,Deemed to be Universities, Colleges and other Grant-In-Aid Institutions and Centres.
11-08-14  e-Library of GTU: All the titles and abstracts of final year projects, completed by students during the previous years are now available online
11-08-14  A Call to Students and Faculty Members of Colleges, associated with GTU: Participate in the Grand Prize Contest: SPARKLE 2015; Please read the rules of the contest
11-08-14  GTU PLEXUS - " Newbies in the Campus "- Invitation to all the institutes affiliated to GTU to send articles before 15th August 2014(NEW).  Format
08-08-14  વિદ્યાર્થીઓ તથા વાલીઓને ઓરીજીનલ સર્ટીફીકેટ બાબત
08-08-14  Passing Criteria for B.Pharm | M.Pharm
08-08-14  Short listed Pharmacy Candidates participated during 2nd Centralized Placement Fair for Pharmacy organized on 12th and 13th July 2014  Annexure
07-08-14 GTU Launches PG Diploma in IPR Course (Off Campus Program) See circular dated of 4.08.2014 for more details". (NEW)
07-08-14 Exemption of CPDP(Contributor Personality Development Program, Subject Code:1990001) for Diploma to Degree Students Entry Year 2012
06-08-14 Modification in staff recruitment & v. c. nominee for selection process Annexure - 1     Annexure - 2        Form -A
06-08-14  Workshop on rural infrastructure project for All the Heads of Civil- Degree / Diploma Engineering on 9th August, 2014.
06-08-14  REVISED CIRCULAR Sports Festival “SPIRIT-2014” For Students of Diploma Institute  Format
06-08-14  Time line and Mark Distribution for Introduction To Dissertation (ITD) Phase for M. Pharm (Sem III) (2014-2015)
05-08-14  Workshop on Bridge Course & Design Engineering (9th August 2014, 02:00 PM)
05-08-14  Faculty Development Training Program On Embedded System Design Using MSP430
04-08-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 9th August 2014
04-08-14  Guidelines to submit Patent Search & Analysis Report (PSAR) by M. Pharm (Sem III) students (2014-2015)
04-08-14  GTU launches Post Graduate Diploma in IPR course (Off Campus program) starts from 1st September 2014 and comprises of various unique features. PG/ PhD students, Faculty members and working professionals can join in this program. See the Circular for more details. Last date of application is 24th August 2014.      Application Form for PGDIPR
04-08-14  Jagriti Yatra: GGTU students or alumni, interested in entrepreneurship, may register online for 15-day Jagriti Yatra
04-08-14  Equivalency of Bachelor of Engineering (Sem III)
04-08-14  Call to students, experts, professors, alumni and industry professionals to participate in the upcoming workshops for shaping the canvases, tools and processes necessary for testing CrowdFunding; Register online for participation in the workshops at 5:00 P.M to 7:30 P.M on 4th August, 8th August and 11th August 2014
02-08-14  UFM Hearing of students caught in Summer Exam - 2014 (Phase-2)
02-08-14  UFM Notification No.: 11/2014
01-08-14  Congratulations to GTU students on their achievements
01-08-14  Phase II Enrollment forms for Students of Diploma C2D-2014  Instruction
31-07-14  Guideline, Formats & Time Table of Summer Internship programme(2830005) VIVA Exams, Summer, 2014  Guidelines of SIP Examination Evaluation  |  Evaluation Formats for Semester - III (SIP) | Detailed Time Table of Centralized VIVA Examination for SIP : Zone -1 ,Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone -4 , Zone -5
31-07-14  Live broadcasting of GTU-CGS and GTT seminar on CEOs in the classroom.
31-07-14  Register for one day workshop on 'Use of Biochar in Agriculture & Pollution Control' organized by GTU & CRIDA, Hyderabad.
31-07-14  Inviting Principal/Director/HOD of Automobile & Mechanical Engineering for the Inauguration of Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA at GTU
31-07-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 2nd-3rd August 2014
31-07-14  Calling HOD's from Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar area of EC, IT and CE for a meeting with Hon. Vice Chancellor on C-i-C3
31-07-14  For Co-Chair Persons & Directors of GTU Innovation Sankuls and for Principals/ Directors of GTU Colleges: Please see the Sankul Performance Index, developed by GTU Innovation Sankul, Gandhinagar, under the leadership of Mr. Haren Shah, Industry Co-Chair of the Sankul
28-07-14  Circular regarding Statutory Provisions & Regulations for Teachers & Employee of the affiliated colleges of GTU.
28-07-14  Equivalency of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Sem III to VIII).
28-07-14  Invitation from IEEE Antenna Test & Measurement Society jointly with other IEEE entities: for a lecture by Dr Goutam Chattopadhyay of Jet Propulsion Labroratory, NASA, USA at 05:30 PM on 30th July, 2014 at AMA, Vastrapur the rover Curiosity mission to MARS; The lecture is scheduled 56 days before India’s Chandrayan is to reach Mars
25-07-14  A workshop on “How to prepare students to attempt higher bloom level questions of a balanced question paper and enable them to analyze, thinking critically and innovatively” by Prof. Bhushan Trivedi
25-07-14  All students working on Final Year projects: Please read what our leaders of academia expect from our Final Year projects
25-07-14  All students working on Final Year projects: Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi's Announcement of a Design Competition of 24th July 1929
24-07-14  Bridge course for Students of Degree Engineering for Academic year 2014-15.
24-07-14  Calling the Coordinators of the GTU Innovation Clubs of Degree Engineering colleges: Please register online for a Workshop on 2nd-3rd August 2014 about processes for making Final Year projects more innovative; The methods of making the Clubs even more effective will also be discussed
24-07-14  Calling GTU’s Alumni, with Crowd fund ready projects; GIC Fellows of 2013-14 having interest in innovation strategy or in new pedagogy development; Experts with expertise in design thinking and crowd funding to participate in RoundTable Hands-on Workshops on designing CrowdFunding Initiator canvases; Workshops will be on 25th, 26th & 27th, 29th July 2014; Please register online
23-07-14  Inviting Students to become IPR-Fellows. Intellectual Property Rights and participate in the Seminar at 4.30 PM on Thursday, 24th July 2014. Please Register online
23-07-14  Calling all students: Register online for having the opportunity of inter-acting in person with CEOs of four reputed companies of India in the 'CEOs in the Classroom' program of GTU
22-07-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 26th-27th July 2014
21-07-14  A Call to students and alumni, who want to work as GIC Associates and Fellows: Apply online on or before 25th July 2014
21-07-14  Circular for the Youth Festival XITIJ 2014
Circular Youth Festival_Final 2014-15  | Annexure I - Program of Youth Festival 2014-15  | Annexure II - Summary Form of the institute  | Annexure III - Detail Entry Form  | Annexure IV - Participation in Six Events   | Annexure V - AIU Rules
21-07-14  Circular for the Sports Tournament "SPIRIT - 2014
Schedule of Ahmedabad Zone | Gandhinagar Zone V. V. Nagar Zone | Rajkot Zone | Surat Zone | Schedule of Inter Zonal | ELIGIBILITY PROFORMA for Degree Sports Tournament 2014-15
18-07-14  Register online for an Ideation workshop from 4 PM to 6 PM on 22nd July 2014 at the Seminar room at GTU's Ahmedabad Campus
18-07-14  Report: Seminar on International Trade organized by Centre for Global Business Studies, GTU on 25th June 2014
17-07-14  AICTE- Project Factory
17-07-14  GCSR Country Allocation for Academic Year 2014-15
17-07-14  Calling Bachelor’s degree course students of engineering, pharmacy, Architecture and MAM (first three years only) to participate in a Marketing Strategy Competition
17-07-14  INVITATION: for the RoundTable discussion on the “Role of co-creation spaces for promoting Start-up culture “ in the context of provision of Rs 10,000 crores in the union budget for entrepreneurship at 6.00 PM on 17th July 2014 at S4 Co-Creation Center (S4-C3); Please register online
16-07-14  All the colleges affiliated to GTU are requested to share the "Day1 Report-Tell us How you Begin..."
16-07-14  ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 19th-20th July 2014
15-07-14  સરકારી નોકરીમાં ફરજ બજાવતાં કર્મચારીઓ માટે CCC પરીક્ષાની જાણ બાબત
15-07-14 Master time table along with allocation of faculty members’ subject wise
15-07-14 COLLECTION OF GRADECARDS BE SEM 3rd Regular, 4th Remedial & 5th Regular (WINTER 2013)
14-07-14 UFM Hearing of students caught in Summer Exam - 2014
14-07-14 Opportunity for all Trusties, principles, Directors, and HOD’s of GTU affiliated Institutes to interact with the Vice Chancellors of prominent universities of India in 7th Seminar on “Designing the Structure of Technology Universities” (DSTU) and 2nd CCI Technology Education Excellence Awards 2014 on Saturday, 19th July, 2014.
11-07-14 Invitation to students to join the RoundTable session on Getting Crowd Funding Right
11-07-14 “I" Inviting students to apply for the opportunity of working as student-interns with start-ups as a part-time learning opportunity; Apply online
10-07-14 INVITATION: Apply for teaching for one semester at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. Please see the brief note and the Government notification, which includes the application form and the list of courses, which are to be offered at AIT during 2014-15
10-07-14 REPORT: GTU International Students Program: Feedback from students, who are studying at Universities in Canada and USA during this summer
09-07-14 Opportunity for MBA faculties to interact with Diplomats of three countries on 19th July 2014 at GTU : "2nd Conclave On Afro - Asian Countries”
09-07-14 REPORT: of two summer patent clinic programs, through which 40 preliminary applications for patents were filed
08-07-14 REPORT: 2nd International Conference on Corporate Governance Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Indian Economic Environment )ICGS-2014, 14-15 March 2014
08-07-14 ALVCOM- Active Learning Video Lecture Communication- Schedule for 12th-13th July 2014
08-07-14 Circular for Additional Viva of GCSR (2840009/ 2830003 and CP (2830004), summer, 2014
Time Table for Additional Viva Exam - Comprehensive Project (2830004) & GCSR(2840009 / 2830003 ) Time Table Summer Exam - 2014
08-07-14 Detail & Schedule -CIRCULAR Youth Festival “XITIJ-2014”
07-07-14 Harmonized Teaching Scheme of B.E semester III - Circular | Teaching Scheme
05-07-14 GTU organizes 2nd Centralized Placement for Pharmacy on 12th & 13th July 2014, (Saturday & Sunday). More than 35 Pharmaceutical companies are coming for vacancy of 840 posts of different job profile. Final year/semester students of D. Pharm/B. Pharm/ M.Pharm can register online using link given in the Circular on or before 9th July 2014, Wednesday till 11:00 AM
05-07-14 Final Year Project of BE students: Please see the Guidelines required to be followed by all the students
05-07-14 Enrollment forms Submission Diploma C2D - 2014     Instruction
05-07-14 83 faculty members go for summer training to 73 industries: An excellent initiative by VVP Engineering College Rajkot - worth emulation by all the Colleges
05-07-14 Cordial Invitation to the GTU community: Pitch Day of the CrowdFunding Initiator at 11.00 AM, Monday 7th July 2014 at GTU Chandkheda campus; your response of RSVP online
05-07-14 REPORT: CrowdFunding Initiator work on Benchmarking various crowd-funding case studies, design of reward and incentive model, reward prototyping, product design strategy, interaction with successful crowd-funded case studies
04-07-14 Vishwakarma yojana -schedule of presentation
03-07-14 BE Sem - 1,2 Practical Exam Time Table Summer Exam 2014(Zone -4)(Subj:2110014)
03-07-14 Report of Interactive Presentation ( Vishwakarma Yojana Phase II) of Kasor Village, Anand District.
02-07-14 REPORT: Analysis of the data of Final Year Projects, presented at the BE examinations of summer 2014
02-07-14 REPORT: CrowdFunding Initiator work on 5WH model, Customer Radar, Social Media, Communication Strategy, Contributing to the team, Forecast-cum-Planning model, Critical Analysis
01-07-14 How to prepare students to attempt higher bloom level questions of a balanced question paper and enable them to analyze, thinking critically and innovatively Last Date : 15th July,2014 6:00 pm     Registration Form
01-07-14 Report of An Introductory Session on “Bharatiya Knowledge System in the Field of Science and Technology”
01-07-14 MID - Internal (CEC) marks for MTM Semester 3,4,5,6 SUMMER 2014
01-07-14 MID - Internal (CEC) marks for MPM Semester 3,4 SUMMER 2014
01-07-14 MID - Internal (CEC) marks for MAM Semester 1,2,3 & 4, SUMMER 2014

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