GTU- Bosch Certificate Programs

The Centre of excellence offers courses on various hardware platforms. These courses are intended for B.Tech Students of all disciplines the training at GTU-BOSCH Centre of Competence is at par with BOSHC Rexroth International standard. The training contents and course materials is the same as those used by BOSCH Rexroth Global. On successful completion, the academy will award a joint certification by GTU-BOSCH Rexroth India to successful trainees. Following training programs are being organized by GTU-BOSCH Rexroth Centre of Competence in regular/ evening/ Weekend batches during every semester and also in the vacation period.

About the Course:

Hydraulics with its wide application base in almost all engineering domains has an important role in the contemporary industrial world. Whether it is a case of raising or lowering loads smoothly, undertaking linear or rotational movements, achieving even acceleration or accurate poising, maintaining preset speeds, transmitting power, or linking motion sequences – in fact wherever economic power is required, hydraulics comes into its own. The BOSCH Rexroth modular state-of-the-art Hydraulic training system is based on standard components from various Bosch Rexroth product areas. This system facilitates learning of on/Off Hydraulics, Proportional, Mobile Hydraulics, and PLC controllers. By means of the training systems, both newcomers and advanced users work on practical exercises and gain specialized technical knowledge step-by-step.


  • • To understand the physical parameters, symbols, construction, and functioning of hydraulic components
  • • To be able to read, analyze and understand hydraulic circuits

About the Course:

Pneumatics is all about using compressed air to make a process happen. Designing, constructing, and reading pneumatic diagrams give a strong understanding of circuit operation and a good base for troubleshooting. Pneumatic signals are used to control final control elements because such signals can be used to actuate large valves and other high-power control devices. Using pneumatic powered tools result in lower weight and costs compared to electric or hydraulic controlled tools. The BOSCH Rexroth modular state-of-the-art Pneumatic training system is based on standard components across the Bosch Rexroth product range. This system facilitates the learning of Basic Pneumatic & Electropneumatic concepts. A training system comprising of hardware and software enables both inexperienced and experienced users to work on practical exercises and gain specialized technical knowledge step-by-step.


  • • To be able to understand the physical parameters, symbols, construction and function of the pneumatic components
  • • To be able to read, analyze and understand pneumatic circuits

About the Course:

Sensor Technology has emerged as a key technology to deploy Industrial Automation solutions. Scientific and technical innovation is now increasingly linked with the term sensor. There are a few problems today in data acquisition that cannot be solved using sensors. For that reason, sensors occupy a prime position in the broad field of factory automation and in many other applications like in construction, utilities, building management, office equipment, etc. BOSCH Rexroth sensorics trainer, fitted with Pepperl & Fuchs industrial sensors, provides the opportunity to work on practical exercises and gain specialized technical knowledge about the characteristics of each sensor.


  • •To Illustrate the fundamentals of the most commonly used analog and digital sensors
  • • To learn integration with other products relating to Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and PLCs

Programmable logic controller
About the Course:

Process automation is achieved by an industrial controller, PLC. Whether the process is too fast, slow, small, big, cold, hot, or just too dangerous for humans, the controller makes up the brain of the entire process to schedule and control the sequence of machines. The powerful Bosch Rexroth PLC trainer system has Analog I/O which could be used to test PID loops and other variable functions. The L20 PLC controller may be connected via an Ethernet Switch with external devices, which can be used to learn the ability to program both products from a single ethernet connection. The ethernet switch has extra ports which can be used to connect additional HMIs, to demonstrate OPC connectivity to SCADA software.


  • • To learn compact, simple, powerful, and low-cost CNC concepts for standard turning and milling machines
  • •To learn online & offline programming of PLC to control industrial processes

Robotics & Mechatronics
About the Course:

A robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks. It is a mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on command or by being programmed in advance. The BOSCH Rexroth Robotics & Mechatronics is having Scara Robot. The Scara training system is mainly a mechanical and electrical system. In addition to that, it is an example of MLC and drives, implementing different logic and adapting adaptive features. Scara Robot is made by using brushless AC servo motors. Scara Robot is capable of making movement in 4 different axes. It is having very well-planned safety features. In addition to that Scara robot is also having a manual feature so that the trainer can easily understand the behavior of the robot.


  • • To understand the fundamentals of Robotics
  • • To learn techniques for programming of the robot
  • • To have experience in operating hardware using software
  • • To understand the behavior of the combined system of different engineering together